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Who we are

We are a small development company with passion for our work. We also do have names and faces... Wink Here they are:

Raul Ignacio Verano - Agile Route

Raúl feels passion for sci-fi books (he wrote one), computer games (he published one), boardgames (he designed some) and movies (he… mmm… well, he watches lots of them, ok?).

His idea of a second date was taking a girl into a Japanese black & white movie called "Harakiri", that involved samurais and a lot of blood. She passed the test. They are happily married and they have a little baby called Tomás.

Raúl (a.k.a. Rula or Rul4) believes that Agile is an attitude you can face life with, and that simplicity is the trademark of a good solution.

Ariel Di Stefano - Agile Route

Ariel loves cars, Apple products and playing soccer on a sunny Saturday. He is passionate about Marketing and Technology.

He is married to Andrea since 2004. Proud father of Franco and Santino, he spends as much time as he can with his family.

Ariel's barbecues are legendary, partly thanks to the superb Argentinean meats and wines that are always present.

He believes that a better world is possible if we use the technology as a facilitator.

Juan Ignacio Porta - Agile Route

Juan Ignacio loves diving in the Caribbean and good coding. So whenever work stands, he's always ready to dive to the very bottom of the problems and study their solutions. No matter how much time (and good music) it takes.

He shares his life with his wife Cecilia, their recently first born Alejandro and their faithful English pointer Sami. They all enjoy going outdoors in the small city where they live, specially the youngest of the four.